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Year 3

Year 3 Home Learning



Activities for Thursday 15th July



9:15 zoom

Ormskirk past

  • Design a costume from the past for the Gingerbread man
  • Think of 5 questions you could ask someone in an interview to find out about Ormskirk from the past. If you get chance over the holidays, then ask them.

11:00 zoom

Ormskirk present

  • Gingerbread man colouring competition!
  • What have you enjoyed or found difficult during lockdowns? Write a short paragraph and add drawings/photos if you wish!

1:15 zoom

Ormskirk future

  • What will Ormskirk look like in 100 years? How will it have changed? We will be discussing this in our zoom session. Draw a picture to show your ideas.

Work for Wednesday 14th July 

Here are some activities for Wednesday 14th July. We are aware that it is almost the end of the school year and nearly the summer holidays so please do not feel you need to complete all these activities. The children can pick any activities that interest them and do what you can. We will be on Class Dojo throughout the day and will feedback on anything sent in.