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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

Year 3

Year 3 Over the next 2 weeks these are some websites to visit:




• Spelling frame - - Practise spelling patterns and year 3 and 4 common exception words. Children have a log in for their own profile. This can be found in their reading records and now in their homework folders. Spellings have been put on weekly for the foreseeable future. Children should complete the online test and could be tested by parents / guardians offline.


• Pobble 365 - - Photo inspiration for writing.

• Each day has a new picture, you can pick and chose one you like. Scroll down for activities to encourage writing and a story starter to inspire children to write. Also includes sick sentences to fix and ideas for their own picture. 


Home reading


Keep reading at home and collecting those pugs! Children have until the beginning of the Easter holidays to get as many as possible. Your children can colour them in as they have read. They were promised a treat if they completed the challenge, we would appreciate your support in finding some small way to reward them if they do achieve this challenge, eg them picking a tv show/film, choosing a meal etc.


• Epic! - - reading books online and short quizzes to check comprehension. Children have been given details on how to log in as this is a new reading system there will be some trial and error so please bear with us as we learn this new system to support reading.




• Times tables rockstars - - Times tables and division practise. Children have a log in for their own profile. This can be found in their reading records and now in their homework folders.


• Hit the button - - Times tables and number bonds practise. Year 3 need to practise all of their 2,5,10,3,4 and 8 times tables. The next times tables they have to learn is the 6 times tables so children can get a head start. This is a free game with no sign up needed.


• Learn to tell the time - , There are lots of games and resources to support you teaching your child how to tell the time.


Children need to be able to:


• Tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals from I to XII, and 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.

• Estimate/read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute.

• Record/compare time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours; use vocabulary such as o’clock, a.m./p.m., morning, afternoon, noon, midnight.

• Know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year. • Compare durations of events [for example to calculate the time taken by particular events or tasks]. All of these can be done practically around the house eg cooking, set meals time, how long until an activity / how long will an activity last etc


Lower Junior Foundation Subjects:




• GoNoodle - - PE and active learning website. This is a free service however you need your own email address is needed to sign up and access the videos.




• Create a project about the Lake District - - This is a website we have used in geography to support the children’s learning. This project could include ideas like:

• where it is

• why people visit

• the effects of tourism

• details about the landscape




• Make a meal with a family member and say what makes it a balanced meal. Explain the Eat well plate to a family member and how your meal fits into it - We have done the Eatwell plate in school this term

• Look at the Eat Happy project (Tesco) Watch videos


Healthy Eating 


• Why eating fruit and veg is good?

• How is Dairy good for our bones and teeth?

• How does protein help mend us when we’re hurt.

• Food around the world and How does your food grow.




• Sketch a landscape or create a landscape collage – We started this last half-term but did not have time to finish due to flooding

• Design a new animal character that could appear in a Beatrix Potter book. Give your character a name and label using noun phrases.

• Grizedale forest in the Lake District is the home to many sculptures. Andy Goldsworthy produces art work using natural materials such as flowers, twigs, pebbles, grass and pine cones. Research his work and make a sculpture of your own using natural materials. KS2 All about Andy Goldsworthy PPT Twinkl

• Design a new Easter egg. A4 template on Twinkl




• Complete a sound survey – Twinkl

• Create a musical instrument out of recycling materials, which can create different pitched sounds – we have started our sound topic and this was to be our next few lessons.


A project on planting food – All pupils will receive a seed or a number of seeds to plant. This was to be a project in school to support PSHE (mental wellbeing), Science (parts of a plant and how plants grows), DT (where food comes from and cooking with it after).


This can include writing and photos of the journey of growing a plant and then harvesting and creating a meal with them.


Some of the activities can be supported by powerpoints and worksheets on Twinkl if you decide to. Twinkl are allowing parents to access the site for the time being.

Discovery Education Espresso - You have all been sent a username and password for espresso. This site contains links and videos for all subjects. 

Get Growing


Children who were in school on Thursday 19th March has received a seed to grow at home. This is designed to be a project that can be written up in their learning from home book. All seeds are early varieties so that should be ready to harvest in June or July.


Year 3 are growing carrots or peas.

For growing guides please click on the above vegetable name.




Mrs Salkeld

Online Safeguarding for parents


We want everyone to keep safe during this time. Please can you continue to be mindful of your child’s use of the internet, especially of any social media apps and support them safely in keeping in touch digitally with their friends. Please encourage them to think about online safety rules as they learn and lots of these links can be found on our school website.


Links to Online Safeguarding Site:


We hope that you find this information useful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries through the following email address:


These will be checked frequently Monday – Friday for the next two weeks but please be patient for a reply as we will get back to you as soon as possible.