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Forest School Planning 2024

Forest School Units for Lower Junior pupils - 2023/24


Autumn Term 2023 - links with the Greeks:


  • Building pyramids using local resources and forest floor tools ( links with den building skills)
  • Creating a shaduf with buckets, rope and trees.
  • Using ropes and wood to create a swing
  • Creating Greek art using natural forest materials


Other free choice activities:

  • Restoring the biodiversity of the site through planting and seed dispersal.
  • Opportunities for digging and mini beast hunting - along with classification
  • Maintaining the site through raking, shovelling and digging.
  • Bird watching and classification.


Spring Term 2024 - link with the Lake District:

  • Fire building and lighting - marshmallow and smores making.
  • Minibeast hunt and magnifying glasses - worms galore!
  • Using recycled natural resources such as bark from removed trees to relay paths and seating circle.
  • Tree planting and classification and replanting planter.
  • Den building, using a range of different materials.
  • Tree climbing ( Supervised)


Summer Term 2024 - link with Outdoor Adventure and the Romans:

  • Pond dipping and classification using charts.
  • Small raft and making to sail on the pond.
  • Codebreaker trail
  • Leaf animals using natural materials
  • Creating dens with links to Roman homes.
  • Flower and tree identification , linked to changing seasons


Across the whole year:

  • Team building games.
  • Tiger Tiger / Where are you games.
  • Hazard awareness and identification.




Forest School planning for Year 2 - 5 sessions throughout the 23/24 year.


  • Introduction to Forest school - hazard awareness and site rules.
  • Basic den building skills and using ropes, bungee cords and tarps to create dens.
  • Minibeast hunt with KS1 magnifiers.
  • Bird watching
  • Fire lighting with marshmallow toasting and smores.
  • Range of team building and hide /seek games.