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The safety and well-being of our children at Aughton Town Green Primary School is of utmost importance to us and we will always act in the interest of the child.


What is safeguarding?


Safeguarding can be defined by promoting the health, safety and welfare of all pupils. Safeguarding is the responsibility of all adults, especially those working or volunteering with children. The school aims to help protect the children in its care by working consistently and appropriately with all relevant agencies to reduce risk and promote the welfare of children. 


Designated Safeguarding Leads at Town Green


Our Safeguarding Lead members of staff are Mr Huxley and Mrs Dykes. Mr Gordon is the lead for online safety in school. These staff members have undertaken Advanced Safeguarding and Child Protection training through Lancashire County Council. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding please contact one of the above members of staff.

All other members of school staff are regularly trained and updated in safeguarding and child protection.