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The safety and well-being of our children at Aughton Town Green Primary School is of utmost importance to us and we will always act in the interest of the child.


What is safeguarding?


Safeguarding can be defined by promoting the health, safety and welfare of all pupils. Safeguarding is the responsibility of all adults, especially those working or volunteering with children. The school aims to help protect the children in its care by working consistently and appropriately with all relevant agencies to reduce risk and promote the welfare of children. 


Designated Safeguarding Leads at Town Green


Our Safeguarding Lead members of staff are Mr Huxley and Mrs Dykes. Mr Gordon is the lead for online safety in school. These staff members have undertaken Advanced Safeguarding and Child Protection training through Lancashire County Council. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding please contact one of the above members of staff.


All other members of school staff and Governors are regularly trained and updated in safeguarding and child protection. 






Our Early Help offer at Aughton Town Green Primary School encompasses both safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing support. Our Safeguarding and Wellbeing team work closely together to support our school community in every area of safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing.


Our Safeguarding team consists of : 

Mrs Caroline Dykes - DSL

Mr Nicholas Huxley - DSL

Mr Alex Gordon - Back up DSL


Our Wellbeing, SEND and mental health support team consists of :

Mrs Caroline Dykes - DSL and SLT( Senior Mental Health Lead Support)

Mrs Nicola Earl - SENCO

Mrs Samantha Whitney - Senior Mental Health Lead and Wellbeing Lead

Mrs Laura Woodward - Wellbeing Governor.


We also have a staff wellbeing team which comprises of teaching, support, welfare and OSC staff who represent the staff in areas of staff wellbeing.


Our Early Help offer is available to any child, parent or carer who requires additional support within Level 1 and 2 of the Lancashire Continuum of Need.

This will include: sessions for pupils with our Wellbeing Lead, parental support from DSL's, SENCO and wellbeing lead. This can also include access for pupils to our Treetops room where required as well as referrals to other outside agencies to support families with a range of needs.


Aughton Town Green aims to create a nurturing and supportive environment for our pupils and parents and we have an 'open door' policy to all parents and carers. We work closely with all our staff as well as outside agencies such as the Children and Family Wellbeing service, Children's Social Care, CAMHS,and Barnardos to provide the best available bespoke support for our pupils and families.


For any further information on the different resources and services available in West Lancashire, please visit our Mental Health and Wellbeing page on the school website as well as using the West Lancs Directory below.