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Rowan Class - Year 5

Meet The Teacher - Rowan 2023

Welcome to Class Rowan


Our teacher is Miss Hayes and we get TA support from Mrs Allinson. Mrs Houghton will be teaching us on a Friday. 


Being in Y5 means we have certain responsibilities and we are expected to set an amazing example to the younger children. We will always put 100% into every piece of work we do and be excellent role models. We are always very busy in class and are looking forward to a new year at Aughton Town Green. 


Take a look at some of the work we will be completing during the Autumn Term: 


English - We read every day. Sometimes we read independently and other times we work in a guided reading group.  We also work on our spelling and grammar skills in small groups. As our main topic is The Vikings & The Anglo Saxons, we are currently reading the novel 'Beowulf' by Michael Morpurgo. 


Maths - We enjoy applying our mathematical knowledge and skills to challenges and investigations. Throughout the year there will be a big emphasis on reasoning and mental arithmetic. 


Science - Our topic for this half term will be 'Forces'.


Art- Our Art topic is 'Amazon Adventure' where we will be looking at the work of Henri Rousseau and the contemporary artist Ruth Daniels. 


Computing - We will begin this term studying the unit 'Video Production'. We will explore how to make short videos in pairs or group.


PE - On Thursdays, we will be developing our dance skills through the study of the 'Haka' dance. On Fridays our focus is swimming. We will come to school wearing our PE kits on both days and bring our swimming kits with us on a Friday.


Music - We will be studying the genre of Rap. 


RE - We will be learning about Christianity, in particular, focusing on our key question which is, "Is life like a journey?"


PSHE - We will be thinking about 'New Beginnings' and 'The Rule Of Law'.


Geography - We will be learning about North America, where we will identify its constituent states , in particular Florida, 'the sunshine state'. 


History - Our history unit will focus on The Vikings & The Anglo Saxons. We will learn what countries the Vikings came from and what areas they settled in. 


Important days to remember:


HOMEWORK-  set on Friday (Dojo).

Homework -  We will be completing:

* Reading - Try to read for at least 5 minutes every day. Record this in your Reading Record Books

* Maths - Practise your x-tables on T.T.Rockstars weekly. X-tables come into so much of our Maths!

* Spelling - Complete the Spelling Test on Spelling Frame. Spellings will also be on the Dojo page.

* Topic - Details of your topic homework can be found on the Dojo page (different topic each week).


Homework completion dates and details about all homeworks can be found on the class Dojo page.


PE - Thursday and Friday (swimming).







Six Times Table Song! (Cover of CHEERLEADER by OMI)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover the summer hit, Cheerleader by OMI, in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your six times table! Have fun learning the 6's while singing along to your favorite song! Download this song at Music Composed by Mike DeMaio, Aaron Santoro, Mike Vadas, and Daniel Roberts.

Arithmetic Support


Use these links to practise some of your arithmetic questions