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Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning Overview




We have sent all Year 2 children home some extra reading books. Please aim to read for at least 10 minutes every day. Children may also read books from home – remember all reading is beneficial. We have also sent home a reading comprehension booklet. We have taught them comprehension skills in class and they should be able to work through sections of these independently and discuss with you after. We hope this gives you an idea of the different sorts of questions that you can ask your child when reading with them.




Please keep practising the Years 1 and 2 ‘Common Exception Words’. Choose a few to focus on every day and encourage your child to keep practising ones they do not know. For those who can already spell them, choose some words relating to the topic and practise.




We have set all children up on ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ which helps them to practise their times tables and division facts. Please encourage children to practise their tables every day – repeated practise will really help them to become more fluent with their recall of number facts. Please also choose an activity from the ‘daily maths activity sheet’ that will consolidate and reinforce activities we have been working on in class.


Here are some other good websites. Please let us know if you find websites/apps that your child particularly enjoys and we will share with the year group.


Other useful websites include:


English and Foundation subjects


Please see sheet with suggested activities. These are linked to the topics we have been learning about this half term. We have sent each child home with a ‘home learning’ book for the children to record any work in.


Please do what you can with your child, we do appreciate it may be more difficult for some. We hope the children enjoy these activities!

Maths – daily learning tasks Year 2


Practice your times tables daily – Rockstars, Hit the Button and any other good apps/games you find. Play ‘race to 50’ Each player starts with 0, rolls a die and recording your answers. Keep on adding your results and the first player to reach 50 wins.
Play ‘race to zero’. The same as race to 50 but start at 50 and the first to reach 0 wins. Practise telling the time in words on an analogue clock (o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to). Children can move onto 5 minutes when they are confident with this (e.g. 5 past, 10 past, 5 to etc.) There is an excellent game on ‘mathsframe’ to support this, which we have been playing in class.
Find different items in your house and find the mass in g or kg using kitchen scales. Find some items around your house and make price labels up to the value of a £1. Ask your parents for some coins and practise making the amounts. Can you make the same amount in two different ways? There are also some good money games on ‘Topmarks’ website.
Play any number games with your family e.g. top trumps, card games etc. Choose a target number under 100. Write as many calculations as you can to make that number. Try to do different types of calculations (e.g. + - x ÷) e.g. 15 10 + 5 20 - 5 3 x 5 14 + 1 ½ of 30


Discovery Education Espresso - You have all been sent a username and password for espresso. This site contains links and videos for all subjects. 

Get Growing


Children who were in school on Thursday 19th March has received a seed to grow at home. This is designed to be a project that can be written up in their learning from home book. All seeds are early varieties so that should be ready to harvest in June or July.


Year 2 are growing lettuce or radishes.

For growing guides please click on the above vegetable name.




Mrs Salkeld

Online Safeguarding for parents


We want everyone to keep safe during this time. Please can you continue to be mindful of your child’s use of the internet, especially of any social media apps and support them safely in keeping in touch digitally with their friends. Please encourage them to think about online safety rules as they learn and lots of these links can be found on our school website.


Links to Online Safeguarding Site:


We hope that you find this information useful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries through the following email address:


These will be checked frequently Monday – Friday for the next two weeks but please be patient for a reply as we will get back to you as soon as possible.