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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

Willow & Blossom - Year 1


Welcome to Year One!


In Year One our teachers are Ms Sumner and Mrs Dickson. Mrs Williams also works with both classes.


This term we will be learning.....


Phonics - We will be continuing our phonics scheme, Little Wandle, and we will have daily phonics sessions using this scheme.  We will continue to practise reading and spelling our tricky words. 


English - We will be reading the books 'No-Bot' and 'Tidy'. We will also be writing Autumn poetry. We will be working really hard to write in full sentences and remember our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 


Maths -  This year we will be following the Red Rose Mastery Maths scheme. We will be learning about place value, length and mass, addition and subtraction and shape. 


Topic - Our topic is 'All about me'.

Science: We will be learning about parts of the human body and our senses. We will be investigating seasonal changes throughout the year. 

Geography: We will be making simple maps of our school playground and the local area. 

Computing: 'We are treasure hunters!'. We will be learning how to use programmable toys. 

Religion: We will be learning about baptism. 

Music: We will be singing and using instruments to play songs about our bodies. 

PSHE: We will start the year with the theme 'New Beginnings'.


Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays. The children can come to school dressed in their PE kits on these days. Please make sure your child is still bringing a coat on these days.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us smiley





Tricky word list for spellings