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Magnolia Class - Year 2

Welcome to Magnolia Class!


Welcome to Year 2 and Silver Birch and Magnolia Classes. We hope you have had a lovely Easter and are excited to welcome you back to school.


Please make sure your child has the following things in school:

  • an A4 plastic wallet for reading books/reading record
  • a bookbag (please no rucksacks as our cloakrooms are small)
  • a PE bag with black pumps inside (this will stay at school)
  • a water bottle
  • a fruit snack


Please can children come into school in their PE kits on Monday and Thursday each week. They will need a red PE top, blue tracksuit bottoms (not leggings) and trainers.


Just like in Year 1, our Year 2 classes work with all staff members and move to different rooms to make sure that the learning supports your child in the best way possible.

Our Year 2 staff are:

Mrs Eastham (Silver Birch Class teacher)

Mrs Bowman (Silver Birch Class Teacher)

Mrs Salkeld (Magnolia Class teacher)

Mrs Noble (Silver Birch Teaching Assistant)

Miss Andrews (Magnolia Teaching Assistant)

Miss Fazal (Year 2 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Bolland (Magnolia AM Teaching Assistant)

You might also have the following teachers to support your learning during planning times:

Mrs Dykes (Magnolia Class Teacher)

Mrs Houghton (Silver Birch Class Teacher)


Things to do with your child

Due to covid we are still working hard to ensure your child has a full understanding of key skills. You can help us by doing the following every week:

  • reading at least 10 minutes, 5 times a week (this can be school reading books or books at home, please log this in school reading record so your child can earn prizes and feel encouraged by the work they’re doing)
  • practise and learn spellings
  • complete and return homework tasks

We will update this list throughout the year as more appropriate tasks become relevant.


During our Summer 1 term we will be learning how to play the recorder. Below is some helpful information to support your child practising at home. This includes the notes we have learnt in class and how to play the notes on the recorder. We will also put pieces of sheet music on for the children to practise at home. Feel free to send us videos of your child practising at home on ClassDojo.

Homework - Mini-beast project

Our Summer Curriculum


We have lots of rewards available for children to earn for behaviour and effort as well as brilliant work!


English - Our first topic will be reading Wind in the Willows and learning about animal stories. We will then use our knowledge to write our own chapter for the end of the book. Then, we will use the information we have learnt in science about habitats to write an explanation about endangered animals. After the half term break we will look further at explanations and how beaches are formed. Then, we will read the Lighthouse Keeper stories and create our own adventure. At the end of the year, we will read seaside poems from the past and write some of our own.


Maths – This term we will be revisiting many key skills including place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division as well as fractions, money, time, position and shape. This term we are focussed on cementing the new skills the children have learnt and developing the breadth of their mathematical understanding.


Science – In the first half term, we will be looking at animals and habitats and how different animals have adapted to where they live. After the half term break we will micro habitats and the mini-beasts that live there.


Topic – We start the term by studying Geography and learning about the weather. We will learn about how weather changes in time and in different places. The children will learn about weather reports and use their knowledge to do their own weather report. After half term, we will change to a History unit and learn about the history of the seaside. The children will learn about when people first started going to the seaside on holiday and activities that they enjoyed. We’ll then look at the seaside during the Victorian Era up to modern times.


Art – We will learn about how to create collages using different media. This will tie in to our work on animals and habitats. Then we will work making 3D sculptures and look at both natural and man-made materials. We will take inspiration from natural artist Andy Goldsworthy.


Design and Technology – Towards the end of the half term we will study textiles and design our own soft toy. Children will learn how to attach material using glue, staples, fabric tape and needle and thread. They will base these on animals from our science topic.


Music – To the start the term off, we will continue to learn how to play the recorder as a class. After half term, we will listen and respond to one of the BBCs 10 pieces. The children will create a piece of artwork using the music as inspiration.


PSHE – This half term we will complete work from the SEAL topic changes. We will then look at how to keep ourselves safe, including completing a programme on pedestrian safety.


RE – We are learning about the Hindu faith this half term and asking the focus question- How might people express their devotion? We will then look at Judaism and what matters to people of the Jewish faith.


Computing – We will be going to the computer suite once a week and learning key skills to use the computers easily. We will start by analysing some basic games on the scratch software to see how they work. After half term we will learn how to research a topic area (mini-beasts) and create information slides. The children will learn key skills like: copying and pasting, resizing pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint animations. Each half term we will have a week outside of the computer suite to learn about e-safety and how to be safe and look after each other while using the internet.


PE – In outdoor PE we will be learning how to play tennis and key skills to play them game. In indoor PE we will be developing our team skills and completing activities in which we need to work together.