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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

School Garden

This year we are working on improving our garden to increase the use of the area.

If you think you can help us in any way with materials or time to support us please speak to Mrs Salkeld, Mr Gordon or Mr Huxley.



Our eco-garden area before the improvements

We were very fortunate to receive volunteers from Santander to support our improvements.


We had 6 members of Santander staff join Mrs Salkeld and Mr Gordon, along with Mr Ritchie, to cut down, trim and replant the garden area.

They all worked very hard, even through the wet weather, and filled the skip with more waste to be disposed of later. 


A huge thank you to Hartleys garden centre who donated 60 pansies to add a splash of colour. 

Santander work group November 2019

To further develop our area we are looking for any parents or friends who can volunteer their time after school or on a Saturday in spring to help us to continue to cut back the overgrown trees and bushes.


We are also looking to speak to any parents or friends who work in tree trimming or gardening maintenance companies who can help us hire machinery or donate large tree trunks to use as seating or slate shingles to line our fire pit with.


Please talk to Mrs Salkeld, Mr Gordon or Mr Huxley if you can help us in any of these or have contacts we can speak to.