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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

Rowan Class - Year 3

Welcome to Rowan Class


Our teacher is Mrs Salkeld and we get TA support from Mrs Dewar.


Being in Y3 means we have lots of new routines to learn as we have moved into Key Stage 2. We have lots of interesting new work to do and have more responsibility in our work.


We are very busy developing our skills and building on what we have learnt in Key Stage 1.


Check out about our new Autumn Term Reading Challenge below! 


Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school to drink throughout the day. The classroom gets very warm and stuffy even on rainy days. The water bottle should be refillable (not disposable) and they are available at the school office. These need to go home on a daily basis to be cleaned to avoid germs growing and making your child sick.


Take a look at some of the work we will be completing this term:

English - This term we are studying The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will start by reading the story and looking at how the characters are developed. Then we will look at what grammar features are used to bring the reader into the story. We are focusing on description using adjectives and adverbs.

The class book we are reading is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Our writing target for this term is to identify and use noun phrases and adverbs to create character and setting descriptions.


Numeracy - We will be developing our mathematical skills in place value and addition and subtraction. One very useful skill we practice in Year 3 is our times-tables. Hopefully we should already know our 2s, 5s, and 10s. By the end of the year we should know our 3s, 4s, 6s and 8s too! We will be developing our problem solving skills and we will be working together as a class to think about what questions are asking us to do and the different ways we can solve them.


Science - Our topic this term is forces and magnets. We will be looking at how things move and the forces that act upon them. We will also be testing materials to see what is magnetic and how magnets work.


DT - This term we are creating our very own pop up book of the Iron Man. We will create a variety of different pop up techniques and pick our favourite to retell the Iron Man story.


PE and Games - We are very lucky and have a trained sports coach to take our outdoor games lessons on a Tuesday afternoon. Pupils will need full school tracksuits and trainers for lessons as we will be outside. Our PE lesson is on a Monday afternoon and we are studying gymnastics this term. Pupils will need black pumps, shorts and T-shirts as we will be in the school hall.


Music - We are studying cyclical patterns and will be using drums and other percussion instruments to create our own patterns. We will be learning a Christmas song and how we can write our own Christmas themed music.


PSHE - We are discussing our life in the Wider World this half term. We are looking at the British Value of Our Rights and what rights we have as children and adults in the UK.


Important days to remember:


HomeworkEvery Friday 1 piece of Literacy or Numeracy homework will be handed out. Children should spend about 20 minutes on each piece of work. Homework is due in by Wednesday. It is very important that we complete our homework because it helps us practice what we have been working on in class. If homework is not completed then your child will spend some time on Friday afternoon completing either maths or English work.


Reading BooksReading books and records need to be in school every day so that we can update them when we read in school. Some children are free readers and we pick our own books from the class shelf at a certain colour. Some children are reading a scheme and these books get changed by our teachers on a Wednesday. If you would like us to get more than 1 book a week let our teacher know.


All children's reading records need to be handed in to school on a Wednesday so we can record how many times your child has read over the week. If your child has not read then they will spend some time on Friday afternoon reading quietly.


We are starting a new reading challenge this term! The children are being challenged to read a variety of different types of book by completing a Reading Bingo Card! Every line that they children complete they win a prize from the prize box. The children who complete the bingo card will get entered for a final grand prize.


Games and athletics - Our PE lessons are on Monday afternoon and Games lesson is on Tuesday afternoon. The kit required is a school t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, and tracksuit top for games. We must wear trainers outside so we don't slip. On a Monday we need a t-shirt, shorts and pumps for PE in our school hall