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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

Reception 2020

Welcome to our school. We cannot wait to meet you all and welcome you in person.

We are very sorry that we cannot invite you into school to visit our classroom but we have included lots of information and pictures on here to help you get to know the environment and the staff.

Also on this page you will find information about school which supports the information you have already recieved in your packs. 

We have included lots of ideas and activities that you can be doing with your child over the summer to prepare them for school.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office either by telephone or email

Meet the staff

Our classroom environment

Our Outdoor Area

Playtime and lunchtime

Ideas and activities to support your child.


Please spend some time helping and teaching your child to dress and undress independently and to fasten their own coat and shoes. This will help with changing for PE and when playing outdoors.


To encourage listening and concentration skills you can play games such as "I spy", pairs, matching games and board games. The use of board games also develops number skills such as number recognition and counting skills.


The use of play dough is great for developing their fine motor skills which are needed for writing development. We have included an easy no cook recipe below for you. Encourage your child to roll, pinch and manipulate the playdough.


It is really important to read stories regularly to your child and to help them learn nursery rhymes as the use and understanding of rhyme helps children to understand how language works, how words sound and the pattern of language. This is important for early phonic, reading and writing development. We have attached a nursery rhyme booklet for you to read with your child.


Physical development is very important for young child both to develop fitness, strength, co-ordination and to develop gross motor skills. Where possible take your child to the park and encourage climbing and swinging or let them dig with you in the garden; this develops and strengthens the muscles needed to help your child write.



Online games to support learning.

There are good games on here to support maths and rhyme;

Nursery rhymes

Link to CBeebies Nursery rhyme

Shape Monsters

Gingerbread Man game - number recognition and counting to 5.