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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

Ash & Elm -Reception

Welcome to Reception


Our teachers are Mrs Earl, Mrs Bowman, Mrs Woodward, Mrs Harden and Ms Carlton.


We are looking forward to our first term at Aughton Town Green and being in Reception means we have lots of fun and do lots of exciting activities. It will be an action packed term as our topics include learning all about ourselves, our bodies and staying healthy.


Take a look at some of the work we will be completing this term:


English - We do phonics everyday and learn a new sound each day. We will start to learn some 'tricky' words that we use all the time in our reading and writing. Everyday we share stories - these can be 'big books', books we have brought from home or books from our class library. 


Maths - This term, we will learn about all about numbers, counting and starting to add and subtract numbers. We will use these in all skills in different activities around the classroom.


Important days to remember:


Reading - We will send your child's reading book home everyday. Please can you make sure you read with your child for 5 minutes each night and practice their tricky words.


News Homework - Given out on a Friday and to be returned by Monday. 


Phonics Homework - Given out on a Friday and to be returned by Wednesday. 


PE - Friday (the PE kits will stay in school until the end of term). 




We have been very busy during our first week at school.

The mark making area.
In the reading corner.
Practising our sounds.
Mark making.
Using the ipads.
Our role play area.
Learning about number.
Watching the timers.
Playing in the sand.
The construction area.
The construction area.
Our creative table.

The Early Years Curriculum


Planning for our children's learning is based on the government publication 'Development Matters for the Early Years Foundation Stage'. This provides guidance on the stages of development (Unique Child), how children's learning can be supported by adults (Positive Relationships) and the activities and resources provided (Enabling Environments), both indoors and out.


All the children are assessed on entry (in September) to determine their individual starting points. Topics are then planned which take into account the stages of the children's development, their learning needs and their interests.


Assessment is ongoing through observations and planned tasks. Our children's progress and achievements are recorded using the 2Simple app. At the end of the year the children's progress is assessed against the Early Learning Goals.


We have attached a document "What to expect when" which explains a child's stages of development. Throughout the Reception year the children will usually be working within the 40-60 or 30-50 month band.