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Welcome to Aughton Town Green Primary School Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me

Class M - Year 5

Welcome to Class M

Welcome to Class M! Our teacher is Mrs McManus and we get TA support from Mrs Beveridge and Mrs Ellis.

Being in Y5 means we have the opportunity to carry out the responsible role of Play-leader. We are also expected to put 100% into every piece of work we do and be excellent role models.

We have made a great start to the year. We have been very busy starting our Year 5 Spring topics and we are looking forward to our second term in the Upper Juniors.

Here is a summary of the work we will be completing this half term:

Literacy: For the next 3 weeks we are looking at Narrative Writing through Roald Dahl's 'Danny The Champion Of The World'.  We will also be going onto study Michael Morpurgo's 'Arthur, High King of Britain'.

We read every day. Sometimes we read independently and other times we work with Mrs McManus, Mrs Beveridge or Mrs Ellis in a Guided Reading group. In Guided Reading this term, we will start off by reading non-fiction texts about historical figures before moving on to different texts in a few weeks time. We will also be working on our comprehension, grammar and spellings and independently reading our own books either from the class library, or from home.

Numeracy: We have started the year by recapping on Place Value and Negative Numbers. We are also enjoying our Mental Starter Challenges. Throughout the year, there will be a big emphasis on x tables and mental arithmetic.

Geography: Liverpool- looking at where Liverpool is and what brings people to the city, what the recent changes in Liverpool are and how Liverpool's geography links it to the Titanic. 

Art:  Pop Art - Learning about where and when Pop Art emerged, major influences on/the style of Pop Art and producing our own pop art designs/accurately reproducing a Roy Lichtenstein work, focusing on proportion and composition. 

Science: Our topic for this half term is 'Healthy Eating' (Learning what food we need to stay healthy, how our pulse rate changes depending on activity and understanding the digestive and circulatory systems).

R.E.: Judasim - Life As A Journey (Examining events that celebrate stages of life, eg. Bar/Bat Mitzvah).

P.E.: On Wednesday we will be working on a Dance Scheme of Work. Children should ensure they have their full PE kit in school so they can participate fully (including pumps for dancing in).

Games: Friday (Full PE Kit, pumps/trainers and Tracksuit needed as will be outside).


Our important things to remember

Homework: Given out on Friday - Literacy and Numeracy to be completed and returned by Wednesday.

 Weekly Times Tables to learn will be in Reading Record Book. They will be tested on this on a Friday.

Spellings: Spelling Focus given out Monday - dictation test approximately every 3 weeks during Literacy

Reading Record Books: Ensure you bring your Reading Record Book home every day to record reading.

Make sure you bring your Reading Record Book to school with you EVERY DAY to record your reading progress!


Finally, congratulations to everybody on completing your first term as Upper Juniors!